Buddaz Social Club

Welcome to the Club yama Grootman iBhudazz, a Social Club with Economic Ambitions!!


Spazza is now closed!! New Deaigns coming for Summer.......................

Buddaz Spazza

Buddaz Spazza is our online shop where we sell some of our branded products online. Visit our store to get some real discounted goodies...


Crowdfunding will go along way in assisting us, to build capital in order to take advantage of economic opportunities .

Financial Literacy

Investment Master Class, sessions with seasoned financial adviser, to advise on investment opportunities and money matters.

International Trips

Boys have to play just a little bit, few trips abroad will not hurt :) Imagine watching the English football game live or dancing to good house music at Ibiza

Wanwa-Wanwa Tournament

We will be hosting different sports and social days. Calendar events for team building, encouraging competitiveness.

Corporate Social Investment

How can we forget where we come from.....? As part of ongoing initiative we are committed to have at least one CSI project per year.


Buddaz that will assist with the day to day running of the club.
We are here to serve you.


"Buddaz" the name is a Kasi slang used by gents to call fellow brothers who might be older than they are or even used among buddiez, as a show of respect.

Buddaz Social Club is basically about black brothers coming together not only to socialize but to pull their combined resources and use their numbers to take advantage of social and economic opportunities. We are mostly friends who studied together at UWC, but new vibrant energy is always welcomed.

We have been keeping close contact and throwing parties and nappy braai :) when ever the opportunity arises and now we saw it fit that, we get together on a formal basis and tackle our social and economic challenges head on together as buddaz.


  •   +27 71 611 0716
  •   Johannesburg
  •   eita@buddaz.co.za
Min Contribution
Current Projects
Active Members
We have decided as the start that we are going to keep minimum monthly member contributions @ R1000.00 and proposed deposit of R 5000.00. This is not cast and stones from our bi-monthly meeting we may decide to change these amounts based on the members voting in our meetings.


as @ Oct 2017
We currently have five active members in our club, with many more promising to join soon. In the mean time we only accepting membership from bhudaz and this is no way intended to discriminate against osisi. It is the decision that we collectively taken for the sole purpose of the clubs short term objectives.


as @ Oct 2017
Buddaz Social Club currently has number of milestones and proposed projects that are on the list. We intend to achieve at least two milestones per year. That is our current goal as the team and we are positive that we will achieve even more that we have planned.


as @ Oct 2017

S'thinte Apha

Should you be interested to join the team, please feel free to contact us
Buddaz are ready to welcome you to the club.